Cheap Airline Tickets

Cheaper Fares Program

India Network Foundation intends to make airfare more affordable for Indians traveling to & from India. Part of India Network Foundation’s mission is to serve the Asian Indian Community around the world. This program is designed specifically to help Indians travel to the United States & Canada to bring stories, wisdom, & culture for the younger generations of Indians in North America.

How does the Cheaper Fares Program work?

The Cheaper Fares Program is available for any current member of the India Network Foundation. Members can submit Travel Inquiry request from the form above. Then, one of our team members will search for the cheapest available ticket within 24 hours. After the member decides on which ticket they’d like to purchase, we will send an information request form and reserve the ticket for the member. It’s really that simple!

How do I get $100 credit for my tickets?

(i) First, members purchase the cheapest airline ticket through India Network Travel and pay the discounted, unpublished fare.
(ii) Purchase any one of the India Network Visitor Health Insurance Plans for your visitors of $1000 or more.
(iii) India Network Foundation will sent out a gift card of $100 to the member to help with travel costs.

If I submit a Travel Inquiry am I obliged to purchase the ticket?

Absolutely not. Our program is a 100% free, community oriented program. We will not pressure you to purchase any tickets or take advantage of any of our amazing offers.